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Chicken Roundup [Jul. 11th, 2007|10:52 pm]
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I realized that I have short list of chicken related things I find humorous and they're all available for the linking to via youtube.

Chicken: The Powerpoint Presentation. This is a power point presentation of a research paper written in the language chicken. (video)

Bluth Family Chicken Dances. From the show Arrested Development many Bluth family members had their own chicken dance. (video)

Peter Fights the Giant Chicken. A man sized chicken fights Peter from Family Guy for multiple minutes in several episodes mimicking famous action sequences. I must admire the writers dedication to the gag. (video1, video2)


[User Picture]From: cerealnumber
2007-07-14 01:24 am (UTC)

Re: Nice!

I can't recommend the show Arrested Development enough =)

This was also an experiment in posting video in a blog post. When I enter the object+embed HTML snippet given to me by YouTube, LiveJournal replaces it with its own tag. It looks like the LJ tag is handled by post processing on the server side and replaced with an iframe pointing to an autogenerated page containing the same object+embed HTML. However, this post processing doesn't happen for the RSS feed they produce which I use to produce my website. Hence, no embedded video on the corresponding deletethis.net entry =(.
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